swMATH ID: 7962
Software Authors: Sanges R, Cordero F, Calogero RA
Description: oneChannelGUI: A graphical interface designed to facilitate analysis of microarrays and miRNA/RNA-seq data on laptops. This package was developed to simplify the use of Bioconductor tools for beginners having limited or no experience in writing R code. This library provides a graphical interface for microarray gene and exon level analysis as well as miRNA/mRNA-seq data analysis.
Homepage: http://www.bioconductor.org/packages/release/bioc/html/oneChannelGUI.html
Related Software: Bioconductor; EMIRGE; ViennaRNA; TagCleaner; OligoWalk; OptiRNAi; ASTALAVISTA; PredGPI; SPEPlip; BaCelLo; PolyA_DB; ASPicDB; BioMart; AstexViewer; SCOOP; WAR; PatSearch; NGS QC Toolkit; ExpEdit; DARNED
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