swMATH ID: 7998
Software Authors: Likun Wang; Zhixing Feng; Xi Wang; Xiaowo Wang; Xuegong Zhang
Description: DEGseq: an R package for identifying differentially expressed genes from RNA-seq data. High-throughput RNA sequencing (RNA-seq) is rapidly emerging as a major quantitative transcriptome profiling platform. Here, we present DEGseq, an R package to identify differentially expressed genes or isoforms for RNA-seq data from different samples. In this package, we integrated three existing methods, and introduced two novel methods based on MA-plot to detect and visualize gene expression difference.
Homepage: http://bioinfo.au.tsinghua.edu.cn/software/degseq/
Related Software: edgeR; Bioconductor; DEseq; R; BaySeq; Voom; DESeq2; RUVseq; FindPeaks; BayesPeak; robCompositions; NeatMap; betapart; INMEX; HMP; MetamicrobiomeR; MicrobiomeAnalyst; MDSINE; pplacer; UrQt
Cited in: 9 Publications

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