swMATH ID: 7999
Software Authors: Tscherning CC, Knudsen P, Forsberg R
Description: GRAVSOFT is a package of FORTRAN programs for gravity field modelling. The specific use of the programs for the determination of the empirical covariance function and its analytic modelling and geoid determination using least-squares collocation is described. An example using data from New Mexico, USA, illustrates the use of the method. The purpose of these notes are to provide a guide to gravity field modelling, and especially to geoid determination, using least-squares collocation (LSC). The use of the GRAVSOFT package of FORTRAN programs will be explained. The readers are supposed to be familiar with LSC as described in Moritz (1980). However the theory will be reviewed briefly in order to fix the terminology. ...
Homepage: http://www.gfy.ku.dk/~cct/milano22.htm
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