swMATH ID: 8019
Software Authors: Milborrow, S
Description: R package earth: Multivariate Adaptive Regression Spline Models. Build regression models using the techniques in Friedman’s papers ”Fast MARS” and ”Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines”. (The term ”MARS” is copyrighted and thus not used in the name of the package.)
Homepage: http://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/earth/index.html
Source Code: https://github.com/cran/earth
Dependencies: R
Related Software: R; randomForest; e1071; ElemStatLearn; Kernlab; ranger; glmnet; pls; MASS (R); ipred; XGBoost; rpart; nnet; gbm; caret; UCI-ml; SuperLearner; AppliedPredictiveModeling; Cubist; lars
Cited in: 21 Publications

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