swMATH ID: 8092
Software Authors: Molas, M.; Lesaffre, E.
Description: Hierarchical generalized linear models: the R package HGLMMM. The R package HGLMMM has been developed to fit generalized linear models with random effects using the h-likelihood approach. The response variable is allowed to follow a binomial, Poisson, Gaussian or gamma distribution. The distribution of random effects can be specified as Gaussian, gamma, inverse-gamma or beta. Complex structures as multi-membership design or multilevel designs can be handled. Further, dispersion parameters of random components and the residual dispersion (overdispersion) can be modeled as a function of covariates. Overdispersion parameter can be fixed or estimated. Fixed effects in the mean structure can be estimated using extended likelihood or a first order Laplace approximation to the marginal likelihood. Dispersion parameters are estimated using first order adjusted profile likelihood.
Homepage: http://crantastic.org/packages/HGLMMM
Dependencies: R
Related Software: lme4; R; nlme; GenStat; MASS (R); Matrix; glmmBUGS; MCMCglmm; dglm; hglm; SAS; dobson; R-INLA; glmmML; gss; fda (R); R2WinBUGS; GWRM; gamm4; GLMMarp
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