swMATH ID: 8112
Software Authors: Anders Nedergaard Jensen
Description: CaTS is a software package whose main functions enumerate (1) all reduced Groebner bases of a lattice ideal, and (2) all monomial A-graded ideals that are flip-connected to a given one. Several variants of these enumeration algorithms are supported such as restricting the above enumerations to all initial ideals or monomial A-graded ideals with a fixed radical. CaTS supports several additional commands among which the highlights are: ...
Homepage: http://www.soopadoopa.dk/anders/cats/cats.html
Related Software: Macaulay2; Gfan; CoCoALib; CoCoA; MDSpackage; TiGERS; Convex; SINGULAR; LattE; 4ti2; Normaliz
Referenced in: 8 Publications

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