swMATH ID: 812
Software Authors: Gardey, Guillaume; Lime, Didier; Magnin, Morgan; Roux, Olivier (H.)
Description: Romeo: A tool for analyzing time Petri nets. In this paper, we present the features of Romeo, a Time Petri Net (TPN) analyzer. The tool Romeo allows state space computation of TPN and on-the-fly model-checking of reachability properties. It performs translations from TPNs to Timed Automata (TAs) that preserve the behavioural semantics (timed bisimilarity) of the TPNs. Besides, our tool also deals with an extension of Time Petri Nets (Scheduling-TPNs) for which the valuations of transitions may be stopped and resumed, thus allowing the modeling preemption.
Homepage: http://romeo.rts-software.org/
Keywords: Time Petri nets; model-checking; state-space; DBM; polyhedron; scheduling; stopwatch
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Cited in: 26 Publications

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