swMATH ID: 818
Software Authors: K.G. Chetyrkin, J.H. Kuhn, M. Steinhauser
Description: RunDec: a Mathematica package for running and decoupling of the strong coupling and quark masses. In this paper the formulae are collected which are needed for the computation of the strong coupling constant and quark masses at different energy scales and for different number of active flavors. All equations contain the state-of-the-art QCD corrections up to three- and sometimes even four-loop order. For the practical implementation Mathematica is used and a package containing useful procedures is provided.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/ADMT_v1_0.html
Programming Languages: Mathematica 4.0.
Operating Systems: UNIX.
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: Elementary particle physics; Quantum Chromodynamics; Running coupling constant; Running quark mass; On-shell mass; MSbar mass; Decoupling of heavy particles.
Related Software: FORM; CRunDec; Mathematica; JaxoDraw; Hypexp; MATAD; Axodraw; FeynArts; SuSpect; mr; SDECAY; XSummer; Mincer; DLMF; SARAH; FlexibleSUSY; odeint; Eigen; ARGES; PyR@TE
Cited in: 36 Publications

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