swMATH ID: 8192
Software Authors: McLachlan, G., Peel, D., Basford, K. and Adams, P
Description: User’s Guide to EMMIX: This document outlines the operation and the available options of the program EMMIX. Brief instructions on the form of the input and output files are also given. The main purpose of the program is to fit a mixture model of multivariate normal or t-distributed components to a given data set. This is approached by using maximum likelihood via the EM algorithm of Dempster, Laird, and Rubin (1977); for a full examination of the EM algorithm and related topics, see McLachlan and Krishnan (1997). Many other features are also included, that were found to be of use when fitting mixture models.
Homepage: http://www.maths.uq.edu.au/~gjm/emmix/emmix.html
Related Software: R; mclust; UCI-ml; PGMM; Mixmod; flexmix; bclust; PRMLT; sparcl; mixtools; MULTIMIX; Emmixuskew; EMMIX-skew; pyuvdata; tlemix; fpc; TCLUST; statlearn; HDclassif; glasso
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