swMATH ID: 8223
Software Authors: Bookstein, F. L.; W. D. K. Green
Description: Edgewarp: A flexible program package for biometric image warping in two dimensions. Edgewarp, a program in C and XWindows, is a wholly graphical interface for managing the complicated algebra by which thin- plate splines are applied in contemporary biomedical image analysis. This flexible warping package permits the free specification of deformations by arbitrary combinations of landmark point correspondences and constraints. Its parameters may be forwarded for rigorous multivariate statistical analysis at the same time that the associated images can be averaged or correlated after unwarping. This paper describes the kinematics of the interface by which clinical users can exploit these graphics and biometrics. Even though we show an actual clinical finding arrived at by these means, our main purpose is to inveigle the reader into playing with our shareware.
Homepage: http://brainmap.stat.washington.edu/edgewarp/
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1 Bookstein, Fred L.

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