swMATH ID: 8239
Software Authors: Duncan Temple Lang
Description: The R/Splus–Perl Interface. This package provides a bidirectional interface for calling R from Perl and Perl from R. This embeds one interpreter (e.g. R) within the process of the other interpreter (e.g. Perl). One can call routines and functions in the other language as if they were part of the local environment. This avoids having to program in a different language while making the functionality in the other system transparently available with no additional coding. Values computed in one call are available to future calls. This makes Perl more interactive, also allows the R/Splus programmer to use convenient and familiar syntax to mix computations in the two different sytems, and provide statistical functionality to Perl applications. One of the main benefits of this package is that it avoids the cost of spawning perl processes for simple things and allows commands to be cumulated over a session rather than specified ahead-of-time in a Perl script. Additionally, it provides accesss to many Perl modules and tools whose counterparts do not exist in R/SPlus. See CPAN
Homepage: http://www.omegahat.org/RSPerl/
Related Software: R; Rserve; RRb; RPy; RSRuby; RinRuby; Python; RGCCTranslationUnit; TranslationUnit; Cscope; SWIG; PERL; Matlab
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1 Lang, Duncan Temple

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