swMATH ID: 8244
Software Authors: Klingenberg, Christian Peter
Description: MorphoJ: an integrated software package for geometric morphometrics. Increasingly, data on shape are analysed in combination with molecular genetic or ecological information, so that tools for geometric morphometric analysis are required. Morphometric studies most often use the arrangements of morphological landmarks as the data source and extract shape information from them by Procrustes superimposition. The MorphoJ software combines this approach with a wide range of methods for shape analysis in different biological contexts. The program offers an integrated and user-friendly environment for standard multivariate analyses such as principal components, discriminant analysis and multivariate regression as well as specialized applications including phylogenetics, quantitative genetics and analyses of modularity in shape data. MorphoJ is written in Java and versions for the Windows, Macintosh and Unix/Linux platforms are freely available from http://www.flywings.org.uk/MorphoJ_page.htm.
Homepage: http://www.flywings.org.uk/MorphoJ_page.htm
Related Software: R; shapes; geomorph; ade4; ape; Momocs; fastICA; PAST; AMBER
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Further Publications: http://www.flywings.org.uk/papers_page.htm

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