swMATH ID: 8272
Software Authors: www.biobase-international.com
Description: TRANSPATH® is a database of mammalian signal transduction and metabolic pathways. As one of the earliest pathway databases ever created, it has grown since to the remarkable volume of more than 395,000 manually curated reactions. It is now an integral part of the BIOBASE Knowledge Library (BKL)/ PROTEOME Database, but can also be obtained as stand-alone product from geneXplain and as module of the geneXplain platform.
Homepage: http://genexplain.com/transpath-1
Related Software: KEGG; PNML; BRENDA; Reactome; MetaCyc; SNOOPY; PetriNets; Design/CPN; PIPE; BioMiner; IPSep-CoLa; BioPath; InterViewer; QPath; Pfam; BioGRID
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