swMATH ID: 834
Software Authors: Scilab Enterprises; Ricardo Fabbri
Description: Scilab includes hundreds of mathematical functions. It has a high level programming language allowing access to advanced data structures, 2-D and 3-D graphical functions. A large number of functionalities is included in Scilab: Maths & Simulation: For usual engineering and science applications including mathematical operations and data analysis. 2-D & 3-D Visualization: Graphics functions to visualize, annotate and export data and many ways to create and customize various types of plots and charts. Optimization: Algorithms to solve constrained and unconstrained continuous and discrete optimization problems. Statistics: Tools to perform data analysis and modeling Control System Design & Analysis: Standard algorithms and tools for control system study Signal Processing: Visualize, analyze and filter signals in time and frequency domains. Application Development: Increase Scilab native functionalities and manage data exchanges with external tools. Xcos - Hybrid dynamic systems modeler and simulator: Modeling mechanical systems, hydraulic circuits, control systems...
Homepage: http://www.scilab.org/
Dependencies: Scilab
Keywords: orms; Engineering computing; Scientific computing; software package; numeric computation; integrated graphics; computing environment
Related Software: Matlab; Octave; R; Mathematica; Maple; Scicos; LAPACK; Python; Modelica; FreeFem++; Maxima; na24; CCA; na13; Excel; SPSS; SciPy; RODAS; mctoolbox; CGAL
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