swMATH ID: 8375
Software Authors: Thasso Griebel; Malte Brinkmeyer; Sebastian Böcker
Description: EPoS: a modular software framework for phylogenetic analysis. Estimating Phylogenies of Species (EPoS) is a modular software framework for phylogenetic analysis, visualization and data management. It provides a plugin-based system that integrates a storage facility, a rich user interface and the ability to easily incorporate new methods, functions and visualizations. EPoS ships with persistent data management, a set of well-known phylogenetic algorithms and a multitude of tree visualization methods and layouts. Implemented algorithms cover distance-based tree construction, consensus trees and various graph-based supertree methods. The rendering system can be customized for, say, different edge and node styles.
Homepage: http://bio.informatik.uni-jena.de/epos/
Related Software: PAUP*; PhySIC; RAxML; Rec-I-DCM3; Algorithm 447; SuMoTED; tqDist; PHYLIP; SuperTriplets; FlipCut; Seq-Gen
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