swMATH ID: 8399
Software Authors: Changbo Chen, Farnam Mansouri, Marc Moreno Maza, Ning Xie, Yuzhen Xie
Description: BPAS library (Basic Polynomial Algebra Subprograms): The BPAS library provides support for arithmetic operations with polynomials on modern computer architectures, in particular hardware accelerators. Typical operations are polynomial multiplication, multi-point evaluation and interpolation, real root isolation for both univariate and multivariate systems. In its current version, the BPAS distribution contains code for dense polynomials whose coefficients can be either rational numbers, or integer numbers or elements of a prime field. The BPAS library code is written in CilkPlus targeting multi-core processors. Hence to run BPAS code in parallel fashion, the CilkPlus run-time is required. The BPAS library is intended to interact with the CUMODP library which combines serial C code and multithreaded CUDA code. However, each of the BPAS library and CUMODP library can operate independently of each other. Additionally, the BPAS library can cooperate with an OpenMP library provided that this latter is available in source. Them, the translators of the Meta_Fork Framework can be used to convert code from one library to the other.
Homepage: http://www.bpaslib.org/
Dependencies: GMP
Related Software: FLINT; Magma; Cilk; modpn; Maple; gmp; RegularChains; NTL; AXIOM; FFTW; Database of Polynomial Systems; Audi; PoSSo; PowerSeries; Mathematica; SageMath; SolveTools; MultivariatePowerSeries; ALTRAN
Cited in: 7 Publications
Further Publications: http://www.bpaslib.org/publications.html

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