swMATH ID: 8461
Software Authors: Dolan ED, Moré JJ
Description: Benchmarking optimization software with COPS. We are continuing the development of COPS, a large-scale Constrained Optimization Problem Set. The primary purpose of this collection is to provide difficult test cases for optimization software. Problems in the current version of the collection come from fluid dynamics, population dynamics, optimal design, mesh smoothing, and optimal control. For each problem we provide a short description of the problem, notes on the formulation of the problem, and results of computational experiments with general optimization solvers. Each problem has been implemented in AMPL. The models from COPS 2.0 are also available in GAMS, courtesy of GAMS Development Corporation.
Homepage: http://www.mcs.anl.gov/~more/cops/
Related Software: AMPL; SNOPT; CUTEr; Ipopt; LANCELOT; SifDec; MINOS; GAMS; KNITRO; COCONUT; Benchmarks for Optimization Software; LOQO; PENNON; L-BFGS; CUTE; minpack; MINPACK-2; MA57; LINDO; MultiMin
Cited in: 37 Publications

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