swMATH ID: 8463
Software Authors: Rey SJ, Anselin L
Description: Pysal: A python library of spatial analytical methods. This chapter describes PySAL, an open source library for spatial analysis written in the object oriented language Python. PySAL grew out of the software development activities that were part of the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Sciences Tools Project (Goodchild et al. 2000). This National Science Foundation infrastructure project had as its goals to facilitate dissemination of spatial analysis software to social sciences, to develop a library of spatial data analysis modules, to develop prototypes implementing state of the art methods, and to initiate and nurture a community of open source developers.
Homepage: http://pysal.org/pysal/
Source Code:  https://github.com/pysal/pysal
Related Software: Python; GeoPandas; R; SpaceStat; ArcGIS; GeoDa; GeoDaSpace; SciPy; libpysal; sf; esda; momepy; OSMnx; splm; sphet; spdep; splot; NetworkX; spBayes; NumPy
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