swMATH ID: 8538
Software Authors: Boker, Steven; Neale, Michael; Maes, Hermine; Wilde, Michael; Spiegel, Michael; Brick, Timothy; Spies, Jeffrey; Estabrook, Ryne; Kenny, Sarah; Bates, Timothy; Mehta, Paras; Fox, John
Description: OpenMx: an open source extended structural equation modeling framework. OpenMx is free, full-featured, open source, structural equation modeling (SEM) software. OpenMx runs within the R statistical programming environment on Windows, Mac OS-X, and Linux computers. The rationale for developing OpenMx is discussed along with the philosophy behind the user interface. The OpenMx data structures are introduced – these novel structures define the user interface framework and provide new opportunities for model specification. Two short example scripts for the specification and fitting of a confirmatory factor model are next presented. We end with an abbreviated list of modeling applications available in OpenMx 1.0 and a discussion of directions for future development.
Homepage: http://www.math.kobe-u.ac.jp/OpenXM/
Keywords: structural equation modeling; SEM; software; open source; {\tt OpenMx}
Related Software: R; Mplus; lavaan; LISREL; sem; EQS; Amos; lme4; Rcpp; SAS; igraph; Mx; psych; MICE; nlme; mvtnorm; WinBUGS; Stata; Amelia; Matlab
Cited in: 29 Publications

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