swMATH ID: 8590
Software Authors: Pohlheim H.
Description: GEATbx - The Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox for Matlab. The Genetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox provides global optimization capabilities in Matlab to solve problems not suitable for traditional optimization approaches. Are you looking for a sophisticated way of solving your problem in case it has no derivatives, is discontinuous, stochastic, non-linear or has multiple minima or maxima? The GEATbx should be your method of choice! Powerful genetic and evolutionary algorithms find solutions to your problems - and it’s easy to use! Numerous ready to run examples and demonstrations give you a head start in setting up your problem, selecting the appropriate optimization algorithm and monitoring the state and progress of the optimization. This enables beginners and advanced users to achieve results fast.
Homepage: http://www.geatbx.com/
Dependencies: Matlab
Related Software: CRONE; PGAPack; MVF; LIBSVM; SymDIRECT; MCS; flexclust; DIRECT; TRIOPT; LGO; Global Optimization Toolbox For Maple; MINLPLib; Schittkowski; SIGOA; Evolvica; jMetal; NSPSO; MOEAT; JCLEC; ECJ
Cited in: 21 Publications

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