swMATH ID: 8597
Software Authors: B. De Moor, P. De Gersem, B. De Schutter, W. Favoreel
Description: Daisy: Database for the Identification of Systems. We point out the existence of a disturbing deficiency in the field of system identification, namely the fact that many results, published in papers, are not reproducible. In many cases, datasets and time series, that are used to illustrate identification methods and algorithms in these publications, are not freely available. We propose to remedy this serious deficiency by setting up a publically accessible website, called DAISY , to which authors can submit datasets that are used to illustrate certain claims and algorithms in their papers. Several additional benefits are discussed as well.
Homepage: http://www.dcsc.tudelft.nl/~bdeschutter/pub/rep/97_70.pdf?origin=publication_detail
Keywords: System identification, signal processing, time series analysis, data analysis , modeling, datasets
Related Software: FastICA; ICALAB; SLRA; Wiener-Hammerstein Benchmark; System Identification Toolbox; Matlab; SeDuMi; PhysioToolkit; BADMM; Yall1; UNLocBoX; DFacTo; SPLATT; GigaTensor; Complex Optimization Toolbox; Tensorlab; TT Toolbox; KELLEY; TensorToolbox; WH-EA
Referenced in: 32 Publications

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