swMATH ID: 8602
Software Authors: Assmann, B., Eick, B.
Description: Polenta–Polycyclic presentations for matrix groups. A refereed GAP 4 package. The Polenta package provides methods to compute polycyclic presentations of matrix groups (finite or infinite). As a by-product, this package gives some functionality to compute certain module series for modules of solvable groups. For example, if G is a rational polycyclic matrix group, then we can compute the radical series of the natural Q[G]-module Q^d.
Homepage: http://www.gap-system.org/Packages/polenta.html
Dependencies: GAP
Related Software: GAP; Nilmat; AClib; Magma; recog; Cryst; SageMath; Mathematica; Maple; ALNUTH; KANT/KASH; Polycyclic
Cited in: 5 Documents

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