swMATH ID: 8612
Software Authors: Boulier, François
Description: Differential elimination and biological modelling. This paper describes applications of a computer algebra method, differential elimination, to applied mathematics problems mostly borrowed from biology. The two considered applications are related to parameter estimation and model reduction problems. In both cases, differential elimination can be viewed as a preparation to numerical treatments. Those numerical treatments are, at least partly, sketched in this paper in order to put some light on the real limitations of the applications. Together with the applications, the paper introduces two implementations of the differential elimination algorithms: the diffalg package, which is embedded in the MAPLE computer algebra software, and the BLAD libraries which are standalone open source C libraries. The diffalg package is designed to be manipulated interactively and can be used very quickly and easily by casual readers. The BLAD libraries are designed to provide differential elimination for scientific software independent of any computer algebra system. They are probably better suited than diffalg to the development of software dedicated to the described applications. Using the BLAD libraries implies however to write a C program. For this reason, in this paper, examples are illustrated with diffalg rather than with BLAD.
Homepage: http://www.lifl.fr/~boulier/pmwiki/pmwiki.php?n=Main.BLAD
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