swMATH ID: 8634
Software Authors: Miszczak, Jarosław Adam
Description: Generating and using truly random quantum states in Mathematica. The problem of generating random quantum states is of a great interest from the quantum information theory point of view. In this paper we present a package for Mathematica computing system harnessing a specific piece of hardware, namely Quantis quantum random number generator (QRNG), for investigating statistical properties of quantum states. The described package implements a number of functions for generating random states, which use Quantis QRNG as a source of randomness. It also provides procedures which can be used in simulations not related directly to quantum information processing.
Homepage: http://cs.ucsb.edu/~koc/ccs130h/projects/09-quantum/qrng.pdf
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: random density matrices; quantum information; quantum random number generators; { t Mathematica}
Related Software: Mathematica; QDENSpalette; QCWAVE; QDENSITY; QETLAB; QPL; QC simulators; QI; QC-lib; CUDA; QCMPI; QWalk
Referenced in: 3 Publications

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