swMATH ID: 8636
Software Authors: Aishima, Kensuke; Matsuo, Takayasu; Murota, Kazuo; Sugihara, Masaaki
Description: Superquadratic convergence of DLASQ for computing matrix singular values. DLASQ is a routine in LAPACK for computing the singular values of a real upper bidiagonal matrix with high accuracy. The basic algorithm, the so-called dqds algorithm, was first presented by Fernando-Parlett, and implemented as the DLASQ routine by Parlett-Marques. DLASQ is now recognized as one of the most efficient routines for computing singular values. In this paper, we prove the asymptotic superquadratic convergence of DLASQ in exact arithmetic.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0377042709004221
Dependencies: LAPACK
Keywords: singular value; bidiagonal matrix; { t DLASQ}; asymptotic superquadratic convergence
Related Software: LAPACK; HDLASQ; AggDef2; Algorithm 880
Referenced in: 6 Publications

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