swMATH ID: 8641
Software Authors: Bettina Eick, Werner Nickel, Max Horn
Description: GAP package Polycyclic: Computation with polycyclic groups. This package provides various algorithms for computations with polycyclic groups defined by polycyclic presentations.
Homepage: http://www.gap-system.org/Packages/polycyclic.html
Dependencies: GAP
Related Software: GAP; KANT/KASH; Magma; AClib; AutPGrp; TwistedConjugacy; HallPoly; DeepThought; singular; Guarana; SINGULAR; Genss; FGA; GroupExt; SmallGroups Library; NQ; RCWA; ALNUTH; Polenta; MeatAxe
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Computing with infinite polycyclic groups. Zbl 0991.20028
Eick, Bettina

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