swMATH ID: 8712
Software Authors: Bungartz H-J, Mehl M, Neckel T, Weinzierl T
Description: Peano - a Framework for Solvers on Spacetree Grids. Peano is an open source C++ solver framework. It is based upon the fact that spacetrees, a generalisation of the classical octree concept, yield a cascade of adaptive Cartesian grids. Consequently, any spacetree traversal is equivalent to an element-wise traversal of the hierarchy of the adaptive Cartesian grids. The software Peano realises such a grid traversal and storage algorithm, and it provides hook-in points for applications performing per-element, per-vertex, and so forth operations on the grid. It also provides interfaces for dynamic load balancing, sophisticated geometry representations, and other features. Some properties are enlisted below. ...
Homepage: http://www.peano-framework.org/home.shtml
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Cited in: 34 Publications

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