swMATH ID: 8721
Software Authors: Altair
Description: Altair HyperMesh is a high-performance finite element pre-processor to prepare even the largest models, starting from import of CAD geometry to exporting an analysis run for various disciplines. HyperMesh enables engineers to receive high quality meshes with maximum accuracy in the shortest time possible. A complete set of geometry editing tools helps to efficiently prepare CAD models for the meshing process. Meshing algorithms for shell and solid elements provide full level of control, or can be used in automatic mode. Altair’s BatchMeshing technology meshes hundreds of files precisely in the background to match user-defined standards. HyperMesh offers the biggest variety of solid meshing capabilities in the market, including domain specific methods such as SPH, NVH or CFD meshing.
Homepage: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/product/HyperMesh
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