swMATH ID: 8748
Software Authors: Benoit, Alexandre; Chyzak, Frédéric; Darrasse, Alexis; Gerhold, Stefan; Mezzarobba, Marc; Salvy, Bruno
Description: The dynamic dictionary of mathematical functions (DDMF). We describe the main features of the Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions (version 1.5). It is a website consisting of interactive tables of mathematical formulas on elementary and special functions. The formulas are automatically generated by computer algebra routines. The user can ask for more terms of the expansions, more digits of the numerical values, or proofs of some of the formulas.
Homepage: http://www.msr-inria.fr/projects/dynamic-dictionary-of-mathematical-functions/
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The dynamic dictionary of mathematical functions. Zbl 1286.68520
Salvy, Bruno

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