swMATH ID: 8783
Software Authors: Chen, Tianran; Lee, Tsung-Lin; Li, Tien-Yien
Description: Hom4PS-3. The need to numerically solve systems of polynomial equations occurs frequently in various fields of mathematics, science, and engineering. Homotopy continuation methods has been proved to be an efficient and reliable class of numerical methods for solving these systems. Hom4PS-3 is a software package for solving systems of polynomial equations that implements many different numerical homotopy methods including the Polyhedral Homotopy continuation method. Based on the successful software package Hom4PS-2.0, Hom4PS-3 has a new fully modular design which allows it to be easily extended. Furthermore, it is capable of carrying out computation in parallel on a wide range of hardware architectures including multi-core systems, computer clusters, distributed environments, and GPUs with great efficiency and scalability. Designed to be user-friendly, it includes interfaces to a variety of existing mathematical software and programming languages such as Python, Ruby, Octave, and Matlab. This talk will include a short tutorial on Hom4PS-3 and a brief introduction to the new features of Hom4PS-3.
Homepage: http://www.math.msu.edu/~chentia1/software/hom4ps3/
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