swMATH ID: 8813
Software Authors: Daniel Wegmann, Christoph Leuenberger, Samuel Neuenschwander, Laurent Excoffier
Description: ABCtoolbox was designed to perform Approximate Bayesian Computation (ABC) estimations using various recently published algorithms including MCMC without likelihood and Population Monte Carlo. Due to its potential to interact with almost any command line simulation software, ABCtoolbox can be used to study problems in different areas including genomics or population genetics.
Homepage: http://cmpg.iee.unibe.ch/content/softwares__services/computer_programs/abctoolbox/index_eng.html
Related Software: abctools; PopABC; abc; REJECTOR; msBayes; Serial SimCoal; ABrox; DIYABC; msABC; abcrf; EasyABC; R; AutoDock; CometG; CHARMM; PEPS; SIMCOAL; Pegasus; Docker; BaySICS
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