swMATH ID: 8828
Software Authors: Atlas S, Banerjee S, Cummings J, Hinker P, Srikant M, Reynders J, Tholburn M
Description: FreePOOMA is a C++ library supporting element-wise, data-parallel, and stencil-based physics computations using one or more processors. The library automatically handles all interprocessor communication, obviating the need for any explicit communication code. The library supports high-level syntax close to mathematical or algorithmic syntax (like Fortran 95), easing the conversion from algorithms to code. FreePOOMA is based on POOMA, originally developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in the Advanced Computing Laboratory (ACL) which was shut down. From there POOMA migrated via CodeSourcery, LLC, to Savannah where it is hosted now as FreePOOMA.
Homepage: http://www.nongnu.org/freepooma/
Related Software: Boost; Blitz++; Matlab; ATLAS; PETSc; EinSum; LAPACK; Overture; Algorithm 862; Intel TBB; BGL; Boost C++ Libraries; CUDA; Traits; NOX; Aztec; Epetra; Trilinos; MPI; Blitz++ library
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