swMATH ID: 8848
Software Authors: Anacleto, F.E.S.; Ribeiro, T.S.A.; Ribeiro, G.O.; Pitangueira, R.L.S.; Penna, S.S.
Description: INSANE Interactive Structural Analysis Environment. An object-oriented tridimensional self-regular boundary element method implementation. The object-oriented design used to implement a self-regular formulation of the boundary element method is presented. The self-regular formulation is implemented to four integral equations: the displacement boundary integral equation, and the Somigliana’s integral identities for displacement, stress and strain. The boundary-layer effect that arises in the classical BEM on the transition from interior to boundary points is eliminated and thus special integration schemes to treat nearly singular integrals become unnecessary. The self-regular formulations lead to very accurate results. Comparisons of displacements, stress and strain obtained from analytical solutions and the numerical results for bidimensional and tridimensional elastostatics problems are presented, and the self-regular formulation shows strong stability. The implemented code is open-source and is available under the GNU General Public License
Homepage: http://www.insane.dees.ufmg.br/drupal/pt-br/inicio
Keywords: self-regular formulation; object-oriented programming; open-source code
Related Software: BEMECH; BDEM; XFEM
Cited in: 5 Documents

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