swMATH ID: 8914
Software Authors: Gandibleaux, X.
Description: MCDMlib: Test Problems for Multiobjective Optimization. MCDMlib is a collection of test data sets for a variety of Multiobjective optimization problems. The collection has been created in 1998. Unfortunately, the MCDMlib has been closed in 2007 and deleted by the host without archiving the website. Do not refer any longer the old URL (www.univ-valenciennes.fr/ROAD/MCDM/) which is definitively dead. Due to the important number of requests, the MCDMlib is coming back (July 28, 2010). The right URL to save in your bookmark and to refer is: http://www.mcdmsociety.org/MCDMlib.html.
Homepage: https://www.mcdmsociety.org/announcements/mcdm-numerical-instances-library
Related Software: CEC 05; AR face; Balibase; SPEA2; FlopC++; SYMPHONY; COIN-OR; GLPK
Cited in: 3 Publications

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