swMATH ID: 8981
Software Authors: M. Hanus, H. Kuchen, J.J. Moreno-Navarro
Description: Curry: a truly functional logic language. Functional and logic programming are the most important declarative programming paradigms, and interest in combining them has grown over the last decade. However, integrated functional logic languages are currently not widely used. This is due to the fact that the operational principles are not well understood and many different evaluation strategies have been proposed which resulted in many different functional logic languages. To overcome this situation, we propose the functional logic language Curry which can deal as a standard language in this area. It includes important ideas of existing functional logic languages and recent developments, and combines the most important features of functional and logic languages. Thus, Curry can be the basis to combine the currently separated research efforts of the functional and logic programming communities and to boost declarative programming in general. ...
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