swMATH ID: 8995
Software Authors: Hou, Q.; Zhou, K.; Guo, B.
Description: BSGP: bulk-synchronous GPU programming. We present BSGP, a new programming language for general purpose computation on the GPU. A BSGP program looks much the same as a sequential C program. Programmers only need to supply a bare minimum of extra information to describe parallel processing on GPUs. As a result, BSGP programs are easy to read, write, and maintain. Moreover, the ease of programming does not come at the cost of performance. A well-designed BSGP compiler converts BSGP programs to kernels and combines them using optimally allocated temporary streams. In our benchmark, BSGP programs achieve similar or better performance than well-optimized CUDA programs, while the source code complexity and programming time are significantly reduced. To test BSGP’s code efficiency and ease of programming, we implemented a variety of GPU applications, including a highly sophisticated X3D parser that would be extremely difficult to develop with existing GPU programming languages.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1360618
Related Software: CUDA; BSPlib; hiCUDA; APS; GLift; APS-1; Python; CodePy; Copperhead; Milepost GCC; JCuda; SciTools; Ruby; PyOpenCL; Lua; PyCUDA; POOMA; OpenCL; NumPy; SciPy
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