swMATH ID: 9033
Software Authors: G.R.Johnson
Description: Status of the EPIC Codes, Material Characterization and New Computing Concepts at Honeywell. This paper presents the status of various aspects of computational penetration mechanics at Honeywell. The discussion includes references to previous work and a description of the work currently in progress. The status of the EPIC-2 and EPIC-3 computer codes for penetration computations is presented. The material characterization work considers both strength and fracture models. Large strain, high strain rate torsion data for a wide range of materials have been obtained for use with these models. A new computing concept has been developed, called the NABOR code, which involves a “nearest neighbor” Lagrangian formulation. This approach allows nodal connectivity to change as a solution Progresses, thus allowing very severe distortions to be attained without “tangling” the Lagrangian grid.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/chapter/10.1007%2F978-3-642-82093-9_2
Related Software: DYNA3D; LS-DYNA; EPIC-2; Nike2D; GYRO; cppmhd; phipm; NIMROD; FLASH; Boost; Algorithm 919; CVODE; Boost C++ Libraries; XTOR; XTOR-2F; SUNDIALS; Expokit; MSC/DYTRAN; AUTODYN; MAZE
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