swMATH ID: 9105
Software Authors: Luebke, D., Harris, M., Govindaraju, N., Lefohn, A., Houston, M., Owens, J., Segal, M., Papakipos, M., Buck, I.
Description: GPGPU: general-purpose computation on graphics hardware. The graphics processor (GPU) on today’s commodity video cards has evolved into an extremely powerful and flexible processor. Modern graphics architectures provide tremendous memory bandwidth and computational horsepower, with dozens of fully programmable shading units that support vector operations and IEEE floating point precision. High-level languages have emerged for graphics hardware, making this computational power accessible. GPGPU stands for ”General-Purpose Computation on GPUs”. GPGPU researchers have achieved over an order of magnitude speedup over modern CPUs on some non-graphics problems.This course provides detailed coverage of general-purpose computation on graphics hardware. We emphasize core computational building blocks, ranging from linear algebra to database queries, and review the tools, perils, and strategies in GPU programming. We present analysis of GPU performance characteristics, and use this analysis to provide insight into how to build efficient GPGPU algorithms. Finally we present a set of case studies on general-purpose applications of graphics hardware.
Homepage: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=1188672
Related Software: CUDA; OpenACC; OpenCL; HOSTA; MPI; ATLAS; Cg; OpenGL; GPUBench; Nek5000; FParser; OmpSs; SkePU; StarPU; PETSc; Parallel Computing Toolbox; GPML; Jacket; Matlab; AMD
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