SuperIso Relic

swMATH ID: 9108
Software Authors: Arbey, A.; Mahmoudi, F.
Description: SuperIso Relic: a program for calculating relic density and flavor physics observables in supersymmetry. We describe SuperIso Relic, a public program for evaluation of relic density and flavor physics observables in the minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (MSSM). SuperIso Relic is an extension of the SuperIso program which adds to the flavor observables of SuperIso the computation of all possible annihilation and coannihilation processes of the LSP which are required for the relic density calculation. All amplitudes have been generated at the tree level with FeynArts/FormCalc, and widths of the Higgs bosons are computed with FeynHiggs at the two-loop level. SuperIso Relic also provides the possibility to modify the assumptions of the cosmological model, and to study their consequences on the relic density.
Homepage: http://superiso.in2p3.fr/relic/
Keywords: supersymmetry; MSSM scenarios; relic density; indirect constraints
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