swMATH ID: 9124
Software Authors: A. López-Fernández; M. L. Portugués; J. M. Taboada; H. J. Ricec; F. Obelleiro
Description: HP-FASS: a hybrid parallel fast acoustic scattering solver. Acoustic scattering problems may be accurately posed in terms of the boundary elements method (BEM). Nevertheless, the solution of the linear system of equations produced by the BEM usually requires huge computational resources which limits its applicability. The use of efficient solvers in combination with parallel programming may considerably increase the scope of application of the BEM. In this work, a hybrid parallel implementation of the fast multipole method using a hybrid domain decomposition is presented. In addition, relying on the use of oct-tree structures, a technique to select the group size that minimizes the execution time is suggested. As a result, a highly scalable acoustic scattering solver is produced which may be used, for instance, in aircraft noise control applications.
Homepage: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/00207160.2010.521239#.U7ZUjbG8f3A
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