swMATH ID: 9145
Software Authors: Mastrolia, P.; Ossola, G.; Reiter, T.; Tramontano, F.
Description: Scattering amplitudes from unitarity-based reduction algorithm at the integrand-level. SAMURAI is a tool for the automated numerical evaluation of one-loop corrections to any scattering amplitudes within the dimensional-regularization scheme. It is based on the decomposition of the integrand according to the OPP-approach, extended to accommodate an implementation of the generalized \(d\)-dimensional unitarity-cuts technique, and uses a polynomial interpolation exploiting the Discrete Fourier Transform. SAMURAI can process integrands written either as numerator of Feynman diagrams or as product of tree-level amplitudes. We discuss some applications, among which the 6-and 8-photon scattering in QED, and the 6-quark scattering in QCD. SAMURAI has been implemented as a Fortran90 library, publicly available, and it could be a useful module for the systematic evaluation of the virtual corrections oriented towards automating next-to-leading order calculations relevant for the LHC phenomenology.
Homepage: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/JHEP08%282010%29080
Keywords: jets; NLO computations; QCD; standard model
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Cited in: 28 Publications

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