swMATH ID: 9155
Software Authors: Weilkiens, T.
Description: SysML Open Source Specification Project. The SysML.org web provides information, specifications, and resources related to the Systems Modeling Language (SysML) open source specification project, founded by the SysML Partners in 2003. The SysML open source specification is publicly available for download, and includes an open source license for distribution and use.
Homepage: http://www.sysml.org/
Related Software: Modelica; MARTE; Uppaal; Simulink; Matlab; TINA; SPIN; Esterel; xml2struct; HFGT; MOCHA; Circus; Metropolis; Ptolemy; StateFlow; PACC starter kit; ProBE; SOFA 2.0; FDR3; FDR2
Cited in: 14 Publications

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