swMATH ID: 9157
Software Authors: Wang, Yuzhu; Jiang, Jinrong; Chi, Xuebin; Yue, Tianxiang
Description: Design and implementation of FFT algorithm in atmospheric numerical model. The FFT99 is a common used software package in atmospheric numerical models. Because it takes no account of the influence of hardware configuration and FFT transformation parameters, its computational efficiency is not much too high. Therefore, according to the special needs of atmospheric numerical models, we design and implement a new package called SC_FFT99 based on FFTW library. Numerical experiments show that SC_FFT99 based on new algorithm is more efficient than FFT99 in computing speed. Ideally SC_FFT99 is 2.5 to 3.5 times faster than FFT99. In addition, the new SC_FFT99 is used in numerical simulation of IAP AGCM4.0 and it is 0.39 times faster than FFT99.
Homepage: https://www.zbmath.org/?q=an:06311334
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