swMATH ID: 9166
Software Authors: W. Kalies, K. Mischaikow, G. Watson
Description: chom - a cubical homology program. This program was designed and first implemented in 1999. It is based on the algorithm described in the paper, Cubical approximation and computation of homology, Banach Center Publications 47, pp. 115-131, 1999, by W. Kalies, K. Mischaikow, and G. Watson. The program is now being maintained as a part of the Computational Homology Project, and the source code can be obtained from that site under the GNU public license.
Homepage: http://math.fau.edu/kalies/chom.html
Related Software: CAPD; Homology; CHomP; GAIO; FITPACK; Dynamics
Referenced in: 12 Publications

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