swMATH ID: 9175
Software Authors: S. Katz; S. A. Stromme
Description: Schubert: a maple package for intersection theory. This Maple package for computations with Chern classes in intersection rings was written by Sheldon Katz and Stein Arild Strømme from 1992 and onwards, and has been revised and updated to reflect new versions of Maple by Jan-Magnus Økland. You may download source code and rudimentary documentation here. However, this Maple package is no longer actively supported, and current efforts have moved from Maple to Macaulay2: D. Grayson, M. Stillman, D. Eisenbud, S.A.Strømme: ”Schubert2”, port of schubert to Macaulay2.
Homepage: http://stromme.uib.no/schubert/
Dependencies: Maple
Related Software: Maple; SINGULAR; cohomCalg; TOPCOM; PALP; Surf; Macaulay2; CASA
Cited in: 27 Publications

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