swMATH ID: 920
Software Authors: James Gray, Yang-Hui He, Anton Ilderton, André Lukas
Description: STRINGVACUA: A Mathematica Package for Studying Vacuum Configurations in String Phenomenology. We give a simple tutorial introduction to the Mathematica package STRINGVACUA, which is designed to find vacua of string-derived or inspired four-dimensional N=1 supergravities. The package uses powerful algebro-geometric methods, as implemented in the free computer algebra system Singular, but requires no knowledge of the mathematics upon which it is based. A series of easy-to-use Mathematica modules are provided which can be used both in string theory and in more general applications requiring fast polynomial computations. The use of these modules is illustrated throughout with simple examples.
Homepage: http://cpc.cs.qub.ac.uk/summaries/AEBZ_v1_0.html
Programming Languages: "Mathematica" syntax.
Operating Systems: Windows XP (with Cygwin), Linux, Mac OS, running Mathematica V5 or above.
Dependencies: Mathematica
Keywords: Moduli stabilisation; algebraic geometry; string phenomenology; groebner basis.
Related Software: SINGULAR; Macaulay2; SageMath; Magma; MixedVol; HOM4PS; Bertini; Mathematica; PHCpack; CoCoA; Calabi-Yau database; PALP; alphaCertified; PHoM; GAP; CICY Quotients; GitHub; polyDB; Jupyter; MNIST
Cited in: 43 Publications

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