swMATH ID: 9205
Software Authors: Redivo-Zaglia, Michela; Rodriguez, Giuseppe
Description: smt: A Matlab toolbox for structured matrices. The full exploitation of the structure of large scale algebraic problems is often crucial for their numerical solution. Matlab is a computational environment which supports sparse matrices, besides full ones, and allows one to add new types of variables (classes) and define the action of arithmetic operators and functions on them. The smt toolbox for Matlab introduces two new classes for circulant and Toeplitz matrices, and implements optimized storage and fast computational routines for them, transparently to the user. The toolbox, available in Netlib, is intended to be easily extensible, and provides a collection of test matrices and a function to compute three circulant preconditioners, to speed up iterative methods for linear systems. Moreover, it incorporates a simple device to add to the toolbox new routines for solving Toeplitz linear systems. (netlib numeralgo na30)
Homepage: http://bugs.unica.it/~gppe/soft/smt/
Dependencies: Matlab
Keywords: structured matrices; circulant; Toeplitz systems; preconditioning; test matrices; Matlab toolbox; numerical examples; iterative methods
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