swMATH ID: 9208
Software Authors: Slawinska, M.; Jadach, S.
Description: MCdevelop – a universal framework for stochastic simulations. We present MCdevelop, a universal computer framework for developing and exploiting the wide class of stochastic simulations (SS) software. This powerful universal SS software development tool has been derived from a series of scientific projects for precision calculations in high energy physics (HEP), which feature a wide range of functionality in the SS software needed for advanced precision quantum field theory calculations for the past LEP experiments and for the ongoing LHC experiments at CERN, Geneva. MCdevelop is a “spin-off” product of HEP to be exploited in other areas, while it will still serve to develop new SS software for HEP experiments. Typically SS involve independent generation of large sets of random “events”, often requiring considerable CPU power. Since SS jobs usually do not share memory it makes them easy to parallelize.
The efficient development, testing and running in parallel SS software requires a convenient framework to develop software source code, deploy and monitor batch jobs, merge and analyse results from multiple parallel jobs, even before the production runs are terminated. Throughout the years of development of stochastic simulations for HEP, a sophisticated framework featuring all the above mentioned functionality has been implemented. MCdevelop represents its latest version, written mostly in C++ (GNU compiler gcc). It uses Autotools to build binaries (optionally managed within the KDevelop 3.5.3 integrated development environment (IDE)). It uses the open-source ROOT package for histogramming, graphics and the mechanism of persistency for the C++ objects. MCdevelop helps to run multiple parallel jobs on any computer cluster with NQS-type batch system.
Homepage: http://annapurna.ifj.edu.pl/~slawinska/mcdev/
Keywords: parallel computing; software development framework; high energy physics; Monte Carlo; stochastic simulations
Related Software: Foam; ROOT; BHLUMI; GitHub; Doxygen; PYTHIA8; LBIBCell; FlowLab; HERWIRI; MC@NLO; Autotools
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