swMATH ID: 9230
Software Authors: Walid Taha; Cristiano Calcagno; Xavier Leroy; Ed Pizzi; Emir Pasalic; Jason Lee Eckhardt; Roumen Kaiabachev; Oleg Kiselyo
Description: MetaOCaml is a multi-stage extension of the OCaml programming language, and provides three basic constructs called Brackets, Escape, and Run for building, combining, and executing future-stage computations, respectively. (Please read README-META file in distribution for MetaOCaml’s syntax for these constructs). MetaOCaml is a compiled dialect of MetaML.
Homepage: http://www.cs.rice.edu/~taha/MetaOCaml/
Related Software: OCaml; Agda; Coq; MiniML; reFLect; HOL Light; ETPS; HOL; ML; XDuce; HOL Light QE; Idris; MathScheme; IMPS; NQTHM; Nuprl; MetaPRL; Theorema; ACL2; ScalaBlitz
Cited in: 9 Publications

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