swMATH ID: 9274
Software Authors: Chang, Y.F.; Corliss, G.
Description: ATOMFT: Solving ODEs and DAEs using Taylor series. The ATOMFT system, based on a Taylor series method, is designated to solve stiff and nonstiff initial value problems for ordinary differential and differential-algebraic equations. In the paper applications of this system to various problems are given.
Homepage: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0898122194001936
Keywords: stiff equations; ATOMFT systems; differential-algebraic equations
Related Software: Taylor; DAETS; TIDES; Cosy; Mathematica; RODAS; ADOL-C; RODES; MPFR; mctoolbox; Test Set IVP; ADIFOR; NBODY4; SUNDIALS; Taylor center; FADBAD++; AD01; INDEXNET; InitDAE; OpenModelica
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ATOMFT: Solving ODEs and DAEs using Taylor series. Zbl 0810.65072
Chang, Y. F.; Corliss, G.

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